The idea for this website began as a book project back in 1999. As time passed, and as certain technologies became easier and more manageable in their use, the project also changed. Here we are today.

Ultimately, this website was born from the work begun by Mark Weber in his Locklin Biblio and Locklin Biblio 2, and then expanded on by Michael Basinski in Gerald Locklin: A Critical Introduction. Joy Thomas’ work, Gerald Locklin: An Index to His Work, 1960-2003, also influenced this project. Sine qua non: Their work made my work possible. 

Aside from a few instances, the work within this site parallels the work within Gerald Locklin: A Critical Introduction. Under each image in the website archive, an alpha numeric reference corresponds to the text’s alpha numeric reference. For example, Sunset Beach: Poems By Gerald Locklin, is identified as A1. in both Basinski’s text (p. 325) and in this website. The most effective way to use this site is in connection with the Weber and Basinski texts; each is available directly from the publishers.

Thanks to Mark Weber, Jeffrey Weinberg, and Henry Denander for supporting my efforts to collect Gerald’s work over the years. This project has breadth and depth because of their generosity.  

Thanks to the programmers, developers, and designers at Bitwise Development Group. Finishing this project could not have been realized without them—their expertise is unmatched, their understanding and patience limitless. I’m interminably grateful.

And finally, thanks to Gerald Locklin, to whom this site is dedicated.

As Gerald continues to publish work, I will continue to update this site.

Thanks for your interest in!



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